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Luisa Tuntuc was born in communist Romania, in 1985, where censorship was the social realism and official art was approved by the state patronage, where the few existing toys were doubled by the ones you made yourself, and where childhood games were still played outside. This is where the skill for crafting as well as for performance probably comes from.

Luisa took her natural love for crafting, color and words to the National School of Political Science and Administration in Bucharest (Romania) and earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Public Relations, studying the social relations and the dynamics of the cultural paradigms. Also, pursued a Master's degree in Political Communication, which helped her expand the horizon of knowledge in liberal arts, like rhetoric, philosophy, sociology, psychology, history of culture and civilization.

After completed these steps, Luisa delved even more into her artistic calling, and started to focus on photography. But she felt the artistic exchange with the world, could be deeper and more thoughtful for the viewer and she started to paint, founding a personal way to express all her strong beliefs.

While she forged ahead with her own art, Luisa pursuit a Master’s degree in Visual Arts at University of Arts in Bucharest, at the Painting Department, alongside with some personal and group exhibitions.

Luisa Tuntuc’s narrative is about personal and collective histories, combating prejudices, and the fragility of human experience, continuously pushing the viewer to look beyond the surface and find a meaning of their own. She often paints an eccentric universe where the artist is continuously adding new symbols and interactive thoughts, for a long-lasting impression on the viewer.

Her biggest relocation was the coming to New York in 2018, where she lives and works right now. Always seeking to improve her skills, she opted to study Arts Management at the New York University, looking to enhance her career as visual artist, as well as an art professional. She is also artistic director at a cultural center in NYC. Luisa joined this ambitious adventure because it represents everything she believes in as an artist and creator.

Luisa Tuntuc is the definition of a multidisciplinary artist, working across a wide range of different media, employing painting, installations, photos and performances to express herself. Each medium serves a purpose and has different constituents and limitations. Considering that the creativity develops on different levels and skills, she uses this multi-disciplinary approach which allows her to extend the practice and almost daily to have a creative exercise. 

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“I still remember those summer holidays when we went to grandparents and helped them with the field work. We had some game contests, where all the children had to collect as many harmful bugs as possible from the potato leaves or helping the adults to gather the hay and build the stacks…Now I look at the Monet’s Haystacks or Damien Hirst's Butterflies with other eyes”.

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