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Dance with Me

“Dance with me”, Performance, 2018  


Represents an invitation to a playful experience to the "Dance of Death", to a confrontation with your own demons, regarding the fatality of humans’ condition. In the traditional “danse macabre”, a carnival parade representing every layer of society is drawn into the dance by the skeleton.

The contemporary dance of death is even more joyful and alluring. The Grim Reaper is holding a pink scythe and has beautiful and colorful flowers that complete this surreal sight. Actually, it’s just the image of the modern world, where all the dangers have beautiful labels and irresistible advertisements.

The message is tightly connected to the inevitability of our transience and our equality in the face of death and since no one escapes it, the wisest thing is to prepare your soul for the time when you will be held accountable.

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