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The story behind the painting, video presentation, New York, December 2020



The composition of the painting projects the most intriguing elements that surged from the coronavirus pandemic: the emergency field hospitals, the military's involvement, the special medical equipment, the patient-isolation units, the coffins – images that appeared on tv daily and kept the state of emergency throughout the world. 

The harsh blue shadows cast by the field hospitals represent the “social scars” left by this virus upon the society:  the loss of loved ones, the sacrifice of the essential workers, the social distancing, the requirement of the facemasks all of this changing the society for good. The story unfolds on 4 levels, each of them slightly different, because even if the whole world confronted the same Coronavirus, the way every country reacted and managed the crisis wasn’t similar. 

The image ends with the blue sky, which represents hope, infinity and immortality. In mythology, the blue sky is the Gods’ residence and symbolizes the order in the universe. Thus, the artistic message highlights the resilience, the hope and the faithfulness of the human beings. 

On the back of the painting, it’s an up-to-date short list of the Covid-19 Coronavirus cases in 2020, which affected 218 countries and reached 81,357,166 cases and 1,776,051 deaths so far (December 2020)

An Estranged 2020.jpg

An Estranged 2020, 80x60 inches, 2020

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