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Through my artworks I tackle the sociological issues of persistent prejudice and discrimination and sustainable art, in order to raise awareness about social issues and shape a positive change. 

My works have deep metaphors, using cynical and humorous approaches sometimes, rooted in the collective mind, and often depicts female characters, with the ultimate purpose to reconsider these biased positions.

I think my background, coming from an Eastern European cultural construct, gave me some frustrations with how the media, and therefore society, portrayed women. Too often it was negative, one-dimensional, objectified, using derogatory words and images that perpetuated stereotypes. Moreover, around the world, social inequality is being exploited for social gain. Too many people are excluded from the political, economic and cultural decisions that shape their lives as a result of entrenched inequality. Challenging this inequality and empowering women is at the heart of my visual discourse, in the desire to build a more just and equitable future for all.

I’m using my gender and my experiences as lenses and brushes, to tell powerful visual stories that can amplify women’s voices, issues and perspectives. My goal is to challenge society’s perceptions of women and forcing the world to rethink the very definition of the arts.

That’s why my creativity develops on different levels and skills, using a multi-disciplinary approach, from paintings, photos, performances and installations, which allows me to extend my practice and almost daily to have a creative exercise. 

Around the world, women have become an unstoppable force. They are rewriting the rules, breaking down barriers, forging new paths, redefining power, and re-imagining what equality looks like.  I myself, through my art, I join this collective force, expanding this way the possibilities for generations of women to come, and I mandatory request that Art History to be to be impartial with the artists!

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